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Our partners

Now a lot of companies are faced with the main problem - servicing their business in the Bank. Opening a bank account, maintaining a bank account for a certain period of time, and accepting customer funds is difficult. Banks prefer offshore brokers that are not included in the" black list " FATF and OECD, as well as brokers that have appropriate regulation (i.e. licensed brokers).

The high rank of professionalism of the lawyers of banking and financial law practice in Russia and Europe allows our company Lawitt Hamilton Tax and Legal to offer clients comprehensive legal solutions in such areas as project financing, restructuring, financing of real estate projects, securities transactions, monetary relations.

Lawyers of Lawitt Hamilton Tax and Legal have great experience in support of opening Bank accounts: corporate, settlement, investment, accounts for FX companies, etc.

Our company cooperates with a number of banks, payment systems (list of banks you can find here), and is ready to assist in opening an account as in a Bank and in the payment system.

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