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Banking and Finance

Under conditions of the changing financial climate and the sector’s statutory regulation, the search for new tax and legal solutions is becoming more and more relevant.

The high professionalism of Banking and Finance Associates in Russia and Europe enables Lawitt Hamilton to propose comprehensive legal solutions to customers in such areas as project financing, restructuring, real estate project financing, securities transactions, currency and credit relations. The firm has a developed network of contacts and partner relations with leading financial institutions all over the world.

Company services in the field of banking and finance include:

* Support for financial transactions. Consulting support for clients at all stages of transactions in the sphere of capital, securities and derivative financial-instrument markets.
* Comprehensive support for investment projects, including project financing issues.
* Legal support for private clients on investment opportunities in various assets all over the world.
* Consulting for real-sector companies on raising capital via alternative sources, with the help of digital and blockchain technologies.
* Support on issues of the creation and operation of investment funds and endowments.
* Legal support under the creation, reorganization, liquidation and licensing of financial organizations and securities-market participants.
* Legal due diligence of financial organizations.
* Support for securities-issue procedures.
* Comprehensive legal support under the issuance and sale of new crypto-currencies to investors (Initial Coin Offering).
* Consulting on currency law and currency and credit relations.
* Consultations on the statutory regulation of banking and finance activities.
* Consulting on debt financing and restructuring.
* Representation of clients with the regulatory authorities.
* Legal support for disputes involving banking and finance.

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