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Dispute Resolution

The conflict of interest among parties is one of the most complex topics in the sphere of legal support for business. The representing legal consultant must be proficient in both dispute settlement and the industry’s specific nature.

The Lawitt Hamilton associates’ team offers a full range of services in the field of dispute resolution in the Russian courts, courts of foreign jurisdiction and international arbitration centers. Moreover, our associates have many years of ample experience in industrial specialization, which makes it possible to fully account for the features of the dispute under consideration.

Lawitt Hamilton’s calling card is its unique expertise in the field of sports international arbitration. We have represented some famous athletes in high-profile cases at the Sports Arbitration Courts in connection with prosecution for doping.

Our services include:

* Representation in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction.
* Defense of clients’ interests at international arbitration centers, including sports.
* Arbitration Court (CAS) in Lausanne.
* Litigation support in the sphere of intellectual property.
* Legal representation in the sphere of investment disputes.
* Defense of interests in defamation disputes.
* Support in tax disputes.
* Representation in connection with bank disputes.
* Defense of interests in disputes with supervisory and regulatory authorities.
* Representation in anti-monopoly disputes.
* Support in corporate disputes.
* Legal support in real estate disputes.
* Support in construction disputes.
* Legal support under bankruptcy procedures.
* Support under debt-collection procedures.
* Services in the field of insurance disputes.
* Representation of clients during negotiations related to:
* legal conflicts;
* mediation;
* enforcement of court decisions.


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