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Intellectual Property and TMT

Under conditions of IT advancement, risk management and the legal defense of intellectual property are emerging as increasingly-significant factors. The realities of modern life are forcing both private individuals and the corporate sector to continuously improve means for the defense and individualization of intangible assets, whether these are media content, ideas or industrial know-how.

Lawitt Hamilton associates will help to build a reliable legal platform to manage intellectual property. We provide legal assistance in the registration, protection and defense of intellectual property, consult on transactions in the sphere of intellectual property and cooperation with regulators. Our experienced team of associates will help to defend your intangible rights at the Intellectual Property-Rights Court, Chamber for Patent Disputes, arbitration court, anti-monopoly, patent, customs and law enforcement agencies. Additionally, the expertise at our disposal enables us to provide legal support on regulatory issues in the sphere of IT and telecommunications.

Our services include:

* Consulting on intellectual-property defense, including the protection of intellectual-property assets.
* Registration of rights to intellectual property.
* Consulting on the protection of intellectual property on the Internet (domain disputes, e-commerce, cybersquatting, etc.).
* Support for transactions involving the divestment and granting of rights to intellectual property.
* Audit and drafting of agreements in the sphere of intellectual property (license agreements, author agreements, agreements on the divestment of exclusive rights, franchising and distributor agreements, know-how agreements).
* Representation in disputes related to the defense of intellectual-property rights.
* Patent services, trademark and other identity registrations.
* Consulting on the defense of copyright and related rights.
* Support in disputes arising from breaches of advertising legislation.
* Legal assistance on issues of protection against unfair competition.
* Protection of honor, dignity, goodwill and other intangible assets.
* Consulting on the protection of personal data and privacy.
* Legal support on issues of trade-secret and confidential-information protection.
* Comprehensive support for IT projects, including development of the appropriate legal structure.


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