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Medical Law and Pharmaceuticals

Lawitt Hamilton associates provide comprehensive legal support for legal entities and individuals in conflicts arising in connection with medical relations. Our team includes experts in the field of corporate law, industrial regulation, commercial issues, taxation, intellectual property and dispute settlement. The practical experience of our integrated team ensures high-end legal support for our clients.

We represent clients in situations related to their treatment abroad and in Russia. We provide legal protection for citizens who were given substandard medical assistance or were affected by malpractice.

We provide legal support for medical organizations and physicians in their daily work, when inspected by supervising authorities, in case of disputes with patients and in legal proceedings.

Our services include consulting on a wide range of issues, such as:
- Consultations on the legal aspects of medical issues in order to detect the presence or absence of the violation of rights held by patients, medical organizations and other institutions under the provision of medical services.
- Support in the preparation of claims or complaints to supervisory and regulatory agencies.
- Legal assistance in conflict mediation.
- Representation of individuals and legal entities in dispute consideration.
- Consulting for legal entities on commercial law.
- Support for corporate clients on regulatory issues.
- Consulting on corporate-law issues.
- Legal support for medical organizations on issues in the sphere of intellectual-property management and protection.
- Legal support for corporate clients on issues of tax restructuring and tax planning.


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