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Charitable Funds and Endowments

Ample experience with charitable funds and endowments has enabled Lawitt Hamilton to become one of the first legal firms to identify this area as a separate practice. Endowments are one of the mechanisms for the financing of non-profit organizations that enable donors to select the forms and tools of participation in the project. Such funds are generated by donations intended for non-profit purposes. Moreover, the endowment model, in contrast to conventional charity patterns, enables funds to invest these finances and forward the income to special-purpose organizations.

By cooperating with us, Russian and foreign clients benefit from comprehensive “one-stop-shop” service. We provide clients with support on both legal and tax issues, consult and protect their interests in court, and represent them in dealings with the state authorities

Our associates provide the following services to charitable funds and endowments:

* Comprehensive legal support for fund operations.
* Legal expertise and drafting of agreements.
* Consulting on issues of the application of special tax regimes.
* Representation of funds with the courts and state authorities.
* Consulting on the legal aspects of non-profit organization operations.
* Participation in the development of charity-program projects and documents related to their implementation.
* Legal support for programs featuring the joint participation of non-profit organizations and businesses.
* Legal support in the selection and introduction of an endowment model.
* Consulting on the legal aspects of endowment investments.


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